Legislative Updates

The 2017-2018 Session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly will commence on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 when all 203 Members-elect of the House of Representatives and 25 Senators-elect of the Senate are sworn in to office.

The list of NEW freshman members:

House of Representatives

Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R)          10th District             Beaver, Butler, Lawrence

Rep. Morgan Cephas (D)            192nd District          Philadelphia

Rep. Alexander Charlton  (R)     165th District          Delaware

Rep. Bud Cook (R)                        49th District            Fayette and Washington

Rep. Michael Corr (R)                   150th District          Montgomery

Rep. Matthew Dowling (R)           51st District            Fayette and Somerset

Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald (D)          203rd District        Philadelphia

Rep. Jonathan Fritz   (R)               111th District           Susquehanna and Wayne

Rep. Kevin Haggerty  (D)               112th District          Lackawanna

Rep. Carol Hill-Evans (D)              95th District           York

Rep. Dawn Keefer  (R)                    92nd District           York and Cumberland

Rep. Brian Kirkland (D)                  159th District         Delaware

Rep. Anita Kulik (D)                        45th District           Allegheny

Rep. Maureen Madden (D)             115th District        Monroe

Rep. Zachary Mako (R)                   183rd District         Lehigh and Northampton

Rep. Tom Mehaffie (R)                   106th District         Dauphin

Rep. Christopher Rabb (D)             200th District       Philadelphia

Rep. Eric Roe (R)                              158th District         Chester

Rep. Frank Ryan (R)                       101st District           Lebanon

Rep. Jared Solomon (D)                202nd District         Philadelphia

Rep. Justin Walsh (R)                     58th District           Westmoreland

Rep. Perry Warren (D)                    31st District             Bucks



Sen. John DiSanto (R)                   15th District            Dauphin and Perry

Sen. Wayne Langerholc (R)          35th District            Bedford, Cambria and Clearfield

Sen. Daniel Laughlin (R)               49th District            Erie

Sen. Scott Martin (R)                      13th District            Lancaster

Sen. Sharif Street (D)                       3rd District              Philadelphia